Pasta makers since 1884.

The history of 3 GLOCKEN and its deep connection to the region of Baden began in Weinheim in 1884 with the laying of the foundation stone for the first steam noodle factory in the region. As one of the first and largest German pasta brands, 3 GLOCKEN with its 3 sub brands, Gold Ei Landnudeln, GENUSS PUR and “Die mag ich”, represents careful production and selected ingredients. You can only make the best pasta out of the best ingredients and thus enjoy them to the most.

The brand 3 GLOCKEN comprises of the following products:

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Pasta is imaginative.

Birkel is the best known brand of German pasta. About nine million households trust the high quality and large selection and buy Birkel products. Even in 1874 the brand surprised pasta lovers with innovative ideas, new products and inspirational pasta recipes.

Because Birkel is confident: Pasta is imaginative.

The brand Birkel comprises in the pasta segment of the following product lines:

From durum wheat and fresh eggs.

The leading German egg pasta is the Birkel pasta made from durum wheat and fresh eggs. Well known for its taste and cooking success the pasta is available in many varieties.


The premium range Birkel INSPIRATION offers exclusive pasta specialities for gourmets and is superbly suited to sophisticated and creative pasta dishes.

From durum wheat.

Birkel pasta made from pure durum wheat is the perfect pasta for sauces. It is produced traditionally using bronze moulds which roughen the surface of the pasta and making it ideal for gathering sauce.

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Birkel Minuto and Birkel Minuto XXL – the quick pasta power.

Birkel Minuto provides quick new energy in the daily routine, be it at work, at home or out and about. The tasty light pasta power in the classic pot size is available in six mainly vegetable flavours. They appeal particularly to lovers of pasta who want from time to time a light snack and a smaller portion size. Birkel Minuto XXL is for the larger appetite and offers concentrated pasta power which also satisfies a hungry man.
The entire Birkel Minuto range is free of flavour enhancers, preservatives* and colour additives.

* according to the law

Birkel Minuto XXL.

In these varieties:
Birkel Minuto XXL Bolognese Topf
Birkel Minuto XXL Lauch-Käse-Hackfleisch Topf
Birkel Minuto XXL Gulasch Topf
Birkel Minuto XXL Chili con Pasta
Birkel Minuto XXL Paprika Hähnchen Topf
Birkel Minuto XXL Pilzrahm Topf

Birkel Minuto.

In these varieties:
Birkel Minuto Frühlings-Topf
Birkel Minuto Kartoffelpüree
Birkel Minuto Ratsherren-Topf
Birkel Minuto Käse-Nudel-Topf
Birkel Minuto Spaghetti Bolognese
Birkel Minuto Penne Spinat-Ricotta

Birkel Nudel up Herzhaft

Particularly hearty.

For all those who like it particularly hearty: The hearty tasty Bolognese from Birkel Nudel up. The classic with the intensive taste.


Captured at the mountain’s core and filtered by non-contaminated 7 million year old rocks from the pleistocene, the water we use to make our pasta is not only extremely pure but naturally cold. Completely free of color, taste or smell the water is the perfect ingredient to preserve the quality and unique taste profile of the wheat.

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Fine Italian pasta.

Buitoni – A taste of tradition

In Sansepolcro, a village between Umbria and Tuscany, the production of pasta started in a small family-run manufactory in 1827.
Having begun without using machines as a true manufactory, it has turned into an industrial factory working internationally.
Buitoni belongs to the most popular Italian brands and embodies quality and tradition.
Buitoni carries following products in its range:


Fine Italian pasta consisting of durum wheat semolina in 15 different varieties.


Thin crispy Italian slices of bread to be enjoyed as a snack or with delicious spreads. The whole grain variation contains healthy fibre.


Due to the typical Italian preparation it is extremely crunchy and extra thin. The usage of natural ingredients and the deliberate decision against palm oil contributes to our rusk’s popularity.

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